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Works great! It is a solid product and I'm happy I bought it.

Duel monitors are a must have for me, as a remote worker buying this has enabled me to leave the house and work from wherever my family wants to be and keep the productivity increase that comes from having multiple monitors.

The monitors fit both my laptops (work and gaming). Laptops I use it on are a Dell Latitude 5300 and a HP GU502G.

It was delivered quickly and was well packaged. It came with all the cables I could need for set up.

Set up takes < 20 seconds.

Tropire Tri-Screen
J Russell Gilbert
Terrific for live broadcasting

Ordered this product to use with a Razer Blade 15 laptop for live broadcasting. It's been a perfect solution paired with vMix or LiveStream Studio 6.

Having a screen available for the broadcast rundown and a second for the camera feeds was the exact functionality I was looking for and this product delivered it 100%.

The USB-C connectors worked perfectly out of the box, it was just plug and play. The form factor matches the laptop, meaning it's easy to transport them together in the same bag. I was concerned about possibly having to take it out at the airport but they didn't even flag it.

There is also a "kickstand" which helps take the weight off the laptop hinge, which is a thoughtful feature I really appreciated.

It's also great for enabling an efficient media production workflow while traveling. Being able to bring up Audition, Premiere, and After Effects simultaneously on a laptop in a hotel room is something that's never been possible before.

All in all, we've had a great experience with this product!

Tropire Tri-Screen
kaitlyn muller
awesome and useful

I purchased this to make spreadsheeting easier and its a charm. I had to purchase an additional adaptor so both screens would work with my laptop but Jim from Customer Service helped me the entire way from trouble shooting the issue to advising the exact product I needed, thanks Jim!

Tropire Tri-Screen
Egbuaba Augustine

Tropire Tri-Screen

Tropire Tri-Screen
Isabel Cristina Soto Valderrama

Tropire Tri-Screen

Tropire Tri-Screen
Shadi Abdullah
AmAzing Product

Love it. After the first 3 minutes of getting the wires figured out, you are good to go. Very practical and well-built. Great for people that love having multiple screens while working.

Tropire Tri-Screen
Oscar Galeano Gutierrez
Incredible device

I have bought if few weeks ago, but it´s now the most important part of my work tools. The only negative point I have seen is that one of the screens is closed with the visible zone (screen) outside, so I think it will be easily scratched. Also the configuration for MacBook Pro M1 is a little bit tricky because you need to download MacOs Instantview from Silicon Motion website to make it work properly. I am working on monterey version and it works perfect. I would recommend it.

Tropire Tri-Screen
Carlos Ramirez
Tropire is awesome.

Screens work beautifully and customer service is great. I work as a day trader and this has helped my workflow. I’m pleased with the product. Thanks so much.

Tropire Tri-Screen
bassem el awar

I received my first tropire with one broken screen,they replace it after my first e mail directly.
Very good customer service.
Thank You Jim

Tropire Tri-Screen
Alistair Lewis

Very good


Great tool

Helps with my neck pain. My other thought is that it also provides a little bit of space for the bottom of the laptop and probably helps it cool.


This product does what I used to do to my laptops without the heavy wooden stand or the plastic gizmo. Folded up, you don't know it was even there.

Tropire Air Stand
Allison D.
Sturdy and very helpful

It works as advertised

Tropire Air Stand
Juan Riley

Practical and affordable laptop stand. Really enjoy this!

Great addition

This has been a great addition to my laptop. Helps to raise it just the right ergonomic level for my eyes. I have less neck pain after working all day. The steak foldaway design does not take up any space when folded flat.

Tropire Air Stand
Katherine C.
Solid Product

Perfect for someone who works from home, using it on my 13 inch MacBook Pro. Sturdy even when you’re typing.

Works well with my work laptop. Just make sure you do not have a cooling vent/fan on the bottom where this will be sticking to.

Life changing

I am a nursing student. I bought this product because I was tired of changing between zoom lectures and powerpoints as well as a needed google search here and there, and let me tell you something... This product is amazing!!! It was everything I thought it would be an more. Easy to set up and even easier to use. My only regret is to not have bought this in my very first semester. Like I said life changing.

Was a little skeptical at first but it works like a charm. Well worth the money.

Helps with you back when working

Great stand

This is one great stand, I wish I had gotten it for all my laptops.

works great

If you like a keyboard angle when working on your laptop, this will give you a sturdy and inexpensive answer.

I really like the product. Elevated my laptop to a great angel that saved me so much from back pain. Light and portable as well.

Tropire Air Stand
Jasmine Tran
Super thin and versatile

I tried this on my MacBook Pro 16" and it holds really well. The 15 and 25 degree angles helped a lot in my typing experience. Also, the invisible stand is super thin like it doesn't exist!