About Us

Tropire Tri-screen


We make working remotely easy.  And when we say remotely, we mean anywhere and everywhere! Whether it’s your living room, the coffee shop, or in a camper out in nature! We do not want you to feel like one screen is cramping your style and negatively affecting your productivity.  With three screens you can get your work done fast and get back to doing what you do best: Living life!

We’ve never been the type to work in a gray cubicle.  It’s just not our style. For us life is always better and work actually gets done faster when we’re in an environment we love. The problem was we couldn’t take our sweet computer screen setup with us. Until now. We created Tropire so we could be productive no matter where we are. For us it’s made all the difference, and we hope you love it too!


Email: [email protected]

Support Calling:+852 46216544